M Series General Features

  • “Slip-Ring” mechanism to provide infinite slew turn. No need to mind about positioning the starting point of operation
  • Robust structure, all made of high-strength steel material
  • Modular construction for easier assembly and disassembly in job-sites
  • Safe and comfortable use with the radio remote control integrated with advanced proportional hydraulic control system

3-element, R-fold hydraulic models: M21 – M24 – M26

4-element, Z-fold hydraulic models: M29 – M32

M Series Catalog

M 29 - 32

Main Specification
4-elements booms with
Z-fold design
29 m, 32 m horizontal reach
4 m end hose

M 21 - 24 - 26

Main Specification
3-elements booms with
R-fold design
21 m, 24 m, 26 m horizontal reach
3 m end hose

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